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Skate Sharpening

Skate Sharpening Cost

Hockey and Goalie skates:                     $6.00

Figure skates and new out of the box:    $8.00

Buy 10 skate sharpenings and save!

10-pack Hockey and Goalie skates       $50.00 (save $10)

10-pack Figure skates and new skates $65.00 (save $15)


Get your skates sharpened here!

Get your skates ready for the season at NBX!

Where we sharpen skates:  At our Warwick, Providence, and Narragansett stores

Skates we sharpen: Hockey, goalie and figure skates.

Do new skates need sharpening?
Absolutely, new skates out of the box must be sharpened. Skate manufacturers do not put a finished edge on new skates.
How often should my skates be sharpened?
Under normal conditions, a skate sharpening for the serious hockey player should last for about three to five hours of ice time. Skating on outdoor ice only one time may require the skates to be sharpened before their next use. Damage to the blades from stepping on concrete or hitting metal objects such as a goal post or someone else's skate can strip an edge and require the skate to be sharpened, no matter how long it has been in use. Don't wait until you are on the ice to realize that your skates need to be sharpened. Be aware of the signs that your blades are getting dull. Are you having problems on your turns or stopping? Check your skates after every use.
How can I tell when my skates need sharpening?
When skates begin slipping on hard turns, pushing-off, or cross-overs, this is an indicator of dull skates. Visually inspect by looking down the length of the blade. If you see stripped edges, gouges, or dull looking (worn) edges it's time.

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